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Additional Resources in Plymouth County

Quincy Family Resource Center

The Quincy Family Resource Center (QFRC) helps families and individuals to access and navigate resources in their communities. The QFRC provides community-based support groups, parenting programs, assessment services, and information and referral resources. Although specialization is with families and children, the QFRC helps all individuals get access to services they may need. QFRC operates through Three Tiers of Support which includes: 1) Assessment and Family Support Planning – personalized, individual support around what resources, assistance and support could be helpful to youth and families with a licensed mental health clinician and Family Partner. 2) Resources and Referrals – assistance to resources and referrals to basic needs, community based services, behavioral health services, and recreational activities. 3) Group and Events – Parenting groups and groups for youth which include LGBTQ+ Youth Group, LEADS program, as well as curriculum based parenting groups and parenting support groups. We also promote, plan and provide community parties and social events.
All services are free of charge and everyone is welcome!

Brockton Community Justice Support Center

The Office of Community Corrections (OCC) is the Massachusetts Probation Service’s intermediate sanction department. The OCC’s mission is to establish intermediate sanctions which offer a continuum of sanctions and services for probation, parole, sheriffs, and the Department of Correction. This interagency and community collaboration supports public safety.

MENTOR Weymouth

Services provided:
Abuse/Neglect, Child Services, Elder Services, Family Resources, Mental/Behavioral Health Services, Probation/Correctional Facility Involvement, Substance Use

Brockton Council on Aging

Services Provided:

Elder Services, Food Assistance, Healthcare Services, Housing/Homelessness, Veteran Services


We are mandated to assess the needs and provide programs and services to seniors in the community and strive to improve their quality of life.


To empower people and enrich their lives, through compassionate support and diverse services, one individual, one family at a time.

 South Shore Health

Services provided:
Substance Use Treatment

 Town of Scituate

Services Provided:
Food Assistance, Housing/Homelessness, Mental/Behavioral Health Services, Substance Use, Advocacy, Provide Information and Referrals

Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office


Fuller and Pembroke Hospitals


Herring Pond Wampanoag Tribe


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